Lisa Siraganian-519I work with undergraduate and graduate students on projects in literary theory and 19th and 20th-c literature and culture, whether in modernism, postmodernism, American poetics, aesthetics, film, or corporate and financial theory. See below for some courses taught previously taught (click on select titles for syllabi PDFs).

Graduate Seminars and Proseminars:

ENGL 6311: Introduction to Literary Theory

ENGL 6339: American Modernism

ENGL 7350: 20th-Century American Poetry

ENGL 7350: Literary History of Corporate Personhood

Undergraduate Courses:

ENGL 4356: American Poetry, from 1945 to Twitter

ENGL 4363: Contemporary Poetry: Art and Artifacts

ENGL 4360: Modern American Poetry, 1900-1950

ENGL 3381: Semiotics of Culture: Representing Diaspora

ENGL 3310: Contemporary Approaches to Literature

ENGL 2315: Introduction to Literary Study

ENGL 2306: Interpreting, Understanding, Doubting, Honors Program